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Great website!

I like idea

Feedback left by just to see how it works


Hidden Treasures

Feedback left by April

Glad I found this site. There are apartments here that I didnt find anywhere else. Cool concept.

Seriously .. Thank You

Feedback left by Mohamed Kamel

Brokers have been driving me nuts and taking me to apartments I just don’t want. Really glad I found out about your site. You just making my life much easier!


Feedback left by Kristina

Really cool idea! Easy to use and messaged with a bunch of people. Definitely recommend.

Super Helpful

Feedback left by Alexa

Found my place thru the help of another renter. It was great. And the ppl from insidedigs helped me when I had questions.

Great Find.....

Feedback left by Ryan

Got the apartment I wanted without paying a fee. Huge thanks.


Feedback left by Stephanie

Did you guys find a way for me to not use a greedy broker? I love you!


Feedback left by Jeffrey

Finally a way to save some money in NYC. This city is amazing, but damn expensive. I only wish I would have discovered this method earlier when I first moved here. Glad I am using it now. Cheers!

DIGging it

Feedback left by Diz

This site is pretty cool. It helped me connect with honest and real people WITHOUT the middleman. This makes things a whole lot easier compared to other sites. Hate to say it but I just had to... I'm "DIGGING" this site.